Individual Wealth Management

Things that DO happen to RH Rutledge clients

  • You can feel confident that your portfolio is being constantly monitored - because we call and tell you.
  • Your phone calls will be answered, and are always welcomed.
  • You have a team of advisors serving YOU, not our own interests.
  • You can rest assured that even though we have a sense of humor, we take your business very seriously.

Our Mission
Create wealth, preserve capital and manage risk for our clients,
through a process of education and communication, built on a foundation of trust.

What you can expect from us



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All our clients know exactly what they are paying, and what they are getting.


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As a fee based advisor we have a legal and moral obligation to place our client’s interests above our own, and avoid any conflicts of interest.


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Our client's needs come first, we don’t push products. Through a consultative process we identify your goals and needs, and create a plan to achieve those goals together.


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We help our clients avoid making emotional investment decisions leading to buying at the top and selling at the bottom. We have the knowledge and experience to remain calm when markets are volatile.

Risk management

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Risk is inherent in everything we do. Investing and financial planning are no exception. Together with our clients, we identify, analyze, and manage risk using every tool at our disposal.

Holistic Approach

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Picking individual investments is only a small part of what we do. We believe it would be a disservice to our clients if we managed only their investments in isolation. we aim to address all our client's needs through not only investment advice, but estate planning, tax management, and a comprehensive financial plan.


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